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Expand your Amazon FBA empire to Germany

Don't miss out on the second largest Amazon market. We are a data driven conversion optimization agency that helps you overcome the language barrier. We use Splitly to prove ROI. If we do not increase your sales in 30 days, you pay nothing. More info:

BSR Marketing

BSR Marketing Specializes in Amazon Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) and Listing Optimization Services. Using data driven optimization we help you get the most ROI for your advertising dollars. Our services result in fully optimized listings, increased traffic, elevated keyword rankings, higher conversions and expanded sales.

Stop struggling with easy to fix issues, and let us manage your advertising campaigns and revitalize your listings, converting browsers into buyers. Request your free assessment to get started.

Liz Adamson @ Egility

Liz is the owner and lead consultant at Egility, a firm dedicated to helping resellers, manufacturers, and brand owners become successful on Amazon. Offering copywriting, A/B testing and additional services designed to increase your traffic, conversion, and profitability on Amazon.